About Us

Z3 Computer Repair is a small business located in South Bend, Indiana. Our company may be small, but our staff has big knowledge. With over 30 years of combined experience in electronics, computer hardware, systems integration, and server administration we can handle just about any technical problem that comes our way.

As an avid fan of the fundamentally limitless opportunities available with being in the IT industry, I decided to start Z3 Computer Repair as I felt as many others before me, there was something missing. High quality and down to Earth services and support for companies making use of diverse platforms in the cloud, or on premise often have difficulty finding qualified technicians able to effectively administrate the endless maze of configurations.

It was also very apparent with the escalating costs of training and affording infrastructure costs associated with simply turning the lights on, given limited budget and manpower, that many companies could benefit from instead have these tasks delegated to individuals that are natively familiar with these topics while still meeting schedules and reduce expense by eliminating the unspoken wastes involved with mistakes made and the general burden of labor in these areas.

When I started computing it was 1996 in the days of DOS & the Pentium while the original NES otherwise known as the Famicon in Japan just over 10 years before was still common in the United States. I later moved on to bigger and better things as the years went by, picking up all of the tricks possible on the Windows platform as NT made strides to extend, embrace, and then later extinguish what is now known as the plague of 9x, or more fundamentally 16-bit derived operating systems made by Microsoft Corp.

My first experience with UNIX & UNIX-like systems started in 2001 during the final glory years of the dial-up modem after an anticipatory wait of 26 hours to obtain Solaris media via FTP ultimately to no avail due to driver support, & later finding better success with Slackware. Moving on to and learning more about FreeBSD & other systems while I wasn't busy salivating over the trends in computer graphics & gaming has always been important to me since then.

As an eclectic historian of the days past, I seldom forgot of the times since epoch. DEC before Compaq or HP, BSD before Dragonfly, the days of IRIX as the king of 3D, as well as the SPARC architecture when it was a Sun innovation. Often, I find myself involved with battles over the semantics of things over Internet Relay Chat when I am not busy learning or fixing servers.